Machine Constitution
1.Uncoiler: It is easy and convenient to load and clamp material. It will send out signal and machine stop working when no material.
2. Oil filter: oil lubrication, the unwanted fins oil is scraped by rolling movement of two columns.
3. Die-exchanger: Dies can be installed and took apart in the space between suction and oil filter (with die-exchange dolly),
4. Main frame device: It is main part of fins line. consisted of bottom base,squarepillar, top beam,sliding block,lflywheel,clutch and so on.
5. Feeding converter: Each step distance for feeding can be adjusted and switched to 1\2 proportion.
6. Suction: suction is used to suck and unloosen fins, adsorability can be adjusted because air regulation is available. Material is unloaded by counter-blowing mode, and the wind-sucking shelf can be adjusted toward feeding orientation.
7. Collector: pile up the finished fins (have shaped after stamping) to buttress. Two units can carry out material-collecting and material-fetching at one time; and it has two forms of rotation and translation.
Technical Advantage
1, Closed four columns type, upper cylinders, high lifting height, which is easy to change the sub mould.
2, Large worktable area, which is fit for long & overlarge mould
3, The pedestal, slide, upper beam etc., adopts Polyester Sand casting, with strong anti-vibration, artistic appearance and can maintain high precision for long period.
4, With humanity PLC control system, different holes & deformity can be set by the PLC.
5, Slide bearing, double driving points, double sets long upper & down rolling pins guidance, strong anti-unbalanced ability.
6, Main shaft driving type pulling setting can realize transformation of the material step distance ,namely odd and even jumps
7, Automatically putting the material ,oil & initial feeding ,vacuum suction unit, the multi-position stacker and the plate unloading unit and so on
8,Supplying the mould lubrication Suction unit: wind door opening controller (standard) and plate stripper. Collector /Stacker unit have 3 models: 2-position horizontal-moved stacker, 2-position rotary stacker and 3-postion rotary stacker for your choice.
A: H-frame High-Speed Fin Press
Adopted PLC,servo control system.one-time form rolling ,drying and fixed length cutting,
1,Norminal Pressure:450KN
2,Stroke of Slide:40mm
3,Strokes:150--250 S.P.M
4,Slide Lifting Height:80mm
5:Size of Table:1300*770*100mm
6,Bottom Size of Slide: 720*670mm
7,Width of Material:400mm8,Sucking Length:1000mm
9,Collecting Height of Material:720mm
10,Inner Diameter of Material Rolling:150mm
11,Out Diameter of Material Rolling:1000mm
12,Main Motor Power:7.5KW
13,Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):7500*3000*3200mm
The more details and Models,please contact us.
B: C-frame High-Speed Fin Press
Adopted PLC,servo control system.one-time form rolling ,drying and fixed length cutting,
1,Norminal Pressure:450KN
2,Stroke of Slide:40mm
3,Strokes:100--180 S.P.M
4,Die Set Heigh:200-270mm
5:Size of Table:850*580*80mm
6,Bottom Size of Slide: 500*300mm
7,Width of Material:300mm
8,Sucking Length:1000mm
9,Collecting Height of Material:600mm
10,Inner Diameter of Material Rolling:75mm
11,Out Diameter of Material Rolling:850mm
12,Main Motor Power:5.5KW
13,Overall Dimensions(L*W*H):6500*2500*2500mm
The more details and Models,please contact us.
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