Vertical Expander:
Complete expander,flaring collaring automatical
Different door for different length of workpiece
1,The number of holes and rows is according to customer's requirment.
length of workpiece:150mm-----650mm/150mm--- 1200mm/150mm---1600mm/150mm---2000mm/150mm---2500mmm
2,Expanding length oriented through electron ruler which is setted by trouch screen,adjust automatically.Expanding bar is adoped by quick change type pneumatic lock.
3,The main power seat is adoped by dual track sliding sysytem,lubricate automatically.
4,Hydraulic intergration black device and YUKEN valve piece.
5,Controlled by OMRON -PLC,The main electric components are imported from Japan
Horizontal Expander
Two Models For Selection :
① Expanding, flaring, folding from one end ( It is used to expanding U tubes );
② Expanding, flaring and folding from one end and the other end is used to flare and fold to finish by one time.
Model SZ-CNC horizontal expander
Spec. OD,mm Φ7、Φ7.94、Φ9.52、Φ16
Layer Thickness,mm 12.7、19.05、21.65、22、32.91
Length,mm 250~3000
Rows No. 1~8
Holes No.(Pitch 25mm ) 64
Speed Fast,m/min >4
Slow,m/min >0.7
Oil Pump Motor Power,kw 11/15
Oil Cylinder Diameter,mm Φ160/Φ180/Φ200
Hydraulic Oil ISOVG32(In Winter)/ISOVG46(Summer)
Lubricate oil Machine Oil ISOVG22-32

Note : Details of technical parameter are subject to customer's offer.

Portable Manual Expander

Expanding speed:12.5m/min
Rotation rate:n=940r/min

1.Expanding two-stroke machine is the production of large dedicated heat exchanger equipment essential Expander. This machine expands single hole or 2 holes once, adjusting stroke length of expanding rods can finish the expanding joint of certain length heat exchanger, also as important tool of trial-produce and repairing of heat exchanger.
2.This machine is consist of expanded joint (gear case), flare tool, hydraulic pressure station, electronic control box, portal frame (plain trolley) and balancer (60kg), to be a complete system with 4 hydraulic tubes and 2 controlling wire.
3.Expanded joint (gear case) mainly constitutes “V” shell, cycloid hydraulic motor, transmission gear, rolling gear, guide clamp device and expanding rods.
4.Hydraulic pressure station constitutes oil case, oil pump, Solenoid valve, oil pump motor, Relief valve and other hydraulic spares.(hydraulic components use YUKEN product.)
5.Electrical parts such as intermediate relay, thermal relay and operating button are imported from Japan.

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