(1) Coiled Tube Straightening & Cutting Machine
Processing 2/4/6 tubes at one time for chioce
6 times/min(length of workpiece is 1 meter for reference)
chipless cutting
1,Decoil tube ,straightening and chipless cutting.After cutting off ,the straight tube will be unload to hopper.
2.Specification of copper tube:T=0.3--1.0mm fi5---fi19.5
3,Controlled by PLC (OMRON).Main electric components are imported from Japan
4,Hydraulic intergration block device and YUKEN valve piece .Oil temperature will be cooled automatically
(2) Ring Loading Machine    
50 times/min--70 times/min.(can be adjusted)
Pitch distance:15.45-----25.4
Tube diameter:fi7.94mm---di9.52mm

(3) Return Bend Cleaning Machine

For return bender end burr free, clearning and drying process
Producing capacity:70 pieces/min-----90 pieces/min
Amount of one batch :about 1800 pieces

(4) Coil Bender

"L" "U" or "G" shape which according to the customers' requirements

(5) Auto Welding Machine

Two models for your choice:
Flame automatically-adjusted (adopting quality flow meter);
Flame manually-adjusted.
Max,height of solder:1250mm,15000mm.2000mm,2500mm
Gas:liquefied gas.natural gas,ethane or other flammable gas,combustion-support gas,oxygen ,compress air or other gas;
Bumers:4 rows or 5 rows(2 rows or 3 roes for left and right each),each tow is fumished with 20 burning mouths

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